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About me

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About me
Hello I'm Keith,

I have been a driving instructor for 10 years. In that time I've helped many people to pass their driving test,to many to remember an exact number of passes! I have also been qualified in that time to conduct fleet assessments on drivers of company vehicles such as employees of British Gas and Royal Mail, and I have been ORDIT registered, which means I was qualified to train people to become driving instructors,and there are many driving instructors teaching learners in the north west of England today who were trained by me! These days at the moment I tend to concentrate on teaching learner drivers, it's a great feeling to see the smile on someone's face when an examiner says to them "i'm pleased to say you've passed!"

I've lived in Warrington all my life and know the town inside out! I also know all the test routes used by examiners at Warrington test centre as well as venturing further afield and knowing the routes for Widnes, St. Helens and Northwich test centres too!

I am a single man(at the moment! but I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I have nieces and a nephew, and enjoy seeing them. I also enjoy holidays at my families static caravan in north Wales and visit Wales regularly throughout the summer,but not so much in winter as it's very cold! I also enjoy taking the families dogs for walks.

My hobbies are rugby league and darts. I am a lifelong supporter of Warrington Wolves rugby league team and really enjoyed watching them win the cup at Wembley stadium three times in recent seasons. Regarding my darts I used to be the chairman of the Warrington Independent darts league and was also a committee member of the Warrington darts organisation, I did some work as a committee member to help form the latter organisation, and it is now a thriving competition with many teams participating in it. I am no longer a committee member, I stepped down to free up more time to concentrate on playing darts rather than organising competitions for others to play, and it's paid off as the extra practice time has seen me score a few 180's! Showing that whatever your passion is in life, such as learning to drive,practice makes perfect! I've also had the pleasure of playing a professional darts player ranked number 8 in the world twice, his name is Andy Hamilton and he's a really good full time professional darts player who appears on SKY TV regularly! I didn't win! But it was an enjoyable experience to get to play him. Playing darts is like learning to drive, the more practice you put in the better you get, and the better you get the more you enjoy it!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me, and I look forward to you getting in touch, and you and I working as a team to help you pass your test!

Have fun and hopefully speak soon!