Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Amber LeylandAmber Leyland
Keith is very good to learn to drive with because he is patient with you right from when you first start learning. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn.

Rachel Croft
Keith has been a fab instructor. Every lesson was enjoyable. Thank you!

Kieran McElroyKieran McElroy
I cannot thank Keith enough. He is very calm and patient. He makes everything very clear, I would recommend him to anyone!

Karl DickensKarl Dickens
Passed 1st time
I enjoyed every lesson with Keith, I learned so much and he managed to get me to pass first time! Thank you Keith!

Jack Payne Jack Payne
A fantastic experience with Keith and LDC, Keith was patient and very professional and at short notice trained me to pass my driving test at my first attempt. I would recommend both Keith and LDC to anybody looking to learn.

Robinson DiasRobinson Dias
Keith is a very friendly , co-operative and knowledgeable instructor. He has been very flexible to accommodate all my driving lessons and very helpful in getting me to pass my driving test.

Christina LeeChristina Lee
My experience of driving with Keith has been fantastic! Everything has been a explained in a way that makes it very easy to understand and do, especially the manoeuvres. Keith is very patient and makes you feel like a confident driver. Thank you Keith!

Ellie RothwellEllie Rothwell
My experience of learning to drive with Keith has been extremely enjoyable, and he is very patient and flexible. He is always thorough with everything and extremely reliable. I would definitely recommend him!

Ellen HannawayEllen Hannaway
Keith was brilliant and very accommodating. He is very calm and talks you through everything in plenty of time. I would definitely recommend him as a reliable and dependable instructor.

Nathan CartledgeNathan Cartledge
Driving with Keith has been a great experience. He is an excellent driving instructor. I would recommend him to anyone.

Tom HinchcliffeTom Hinchcliffe
Learning with Keith is like driving with power steering. Easy! He's friendly, approachable, professional, and a fantastic instructor. A great experience!

Natalie MessengerNatalie Messenger
I really enjoyed having Keith as my instructor as he made me feel confident and comfortable. I am happy i had him to teach me, as he always helped me out when i needed help!

Ben SaundersBen Saunders
In just a few lessons Keith helped me raise my standard of driving and increased my confidence behind the wheel. Thanks very much for your help Keith in getting me to pass at my first attempt!

Rachel CroftRachel Croft
Keith has been a fab instructor. Every lesson was enjoyable. Thank you!

James KennyJames Kenny
Keith is a great instructor, he is very thorough. He always kept calm when I did something wrong and then helped me correct the issue effectively. I would highly recommend Keith.

Will SankeyWill Sankey
It was really short notice before my test but Keith stepped in and took me on, and he was a brilliant instructor! Thank you very much Keith!

David KrakoraDavid Krakora
Keith was very detailed in his instructions and easy to work with. Thanks for you your help Keith!

Callum GahganCallum Gahgan
I only took a few lessons with Keith, but they were all that I needed for me to pass my test! I will recommend him to everyone from now on!

 Junior Smith Junior Smith
I'm very pleased I have passed my test. I couldn't have done it without the help of Keith. I came from a previous instructor and my confidence was low. Keith helped me to regain my confidence and taught me new techniques I was unaware of which helped me pass my test!

Anna BegleyAnna Begley
Passed first time
Learning with Keith I always had a confident, comfortable drive and I enjoyed learning to drive with him very much!

Charlotte MaloneyCharlotte Maloney
Keith was a fantastic instructor. He is very patient and never got annoyed when I made mistakes. He is very friendly and always made me feel confident. I recommend Keith to new learners and learners who have already had previous lessons. Without him I would not have passed first time!

Dave WhittakerDave Whittaker
First Time Pass
I really enjoyed learning with Keith and LDC. Keith is very understanding and really knows his stuff. So much so I passed first time and it's all thanks to Keith. Thank you so much.

Joanna Fernandez
Passed 1st time
Keith is a great instructor. Very patient and gives you all the confidence you need. Thank you so much for your hard work, I will recommend you to all my friends. 10/10 for you!

Luke Grey
Keith was very calm throughout  the whole process of me learning to drive with him.  He helped to reduce my anxieties about driving and really improved my confidence!

Dan WorthingtonDan Worthington
Keith was very helpful in getting me through my test. I started learning with a different instructor and failed my first attempt. I switched to Keith and passed the next time!

Holly GardenerHolly Gardener
First Time Pass
Learning to drive with Keith has been great, as he made me feel so comfortable from my very first day of driving with him. I had to stop driving for a year for medical reasons, when I came back I felt like I hadn't been away. Passing my test first time is AMAZING I can't believe it.

Sharma JampaniSharma Jampani
I heard a lot about LDC and that's why I approached Keith. On our very first meeting I felt like I was going to pass, such was the confidence he gave me. A 5 star rated instructor without any doubt l. A very hard working man with a lot of patience. Thanks again Keith for helping me to pass this hurdle!

Joshua PorterJoshua Porter
Passed at the first attempt having taken the LDC semi intensive course
I have enjoyed learning to drive with LDC the videos and workbook were really helpful. Keith was really helpful too!

Marie LindleyMarie Lindley
Keith made me feel relaxed and I'm happy I chose to learn to drive with him. I enjoyed the experience. Thank you Keith!

Jamie AramayoJamie Aramayo
Keith is easy to get on with and creates a relaxed, positive environment. He's a great instructor and easy to learn with.  One rubbish point. .he's a Man City fan! Ha ha!

Corey WallCorey Wall
It's been a pleasure being taught by Keith, the guy is a legend! I highly recommend this legend! Cheers Keith, great teacher!

Karl O'SullivanKarl O'Sullivan
It's been a fantastic experience doing my driving lessons with Keith. I would recommend him to anyone!

Lauren McMillanLauren McMillan
I've had a really good experience with Keith as my driving instructor. Thank you Keith!

Darren SewellDarren Sewell
Passed 1st time
Keith is a top bloke, a top instructor, I would recommend him to anyone!

David HiltonDavid Hilton
Passed 1st time
Keith was a great instructor, very patient and understanding. Overall I'm very pleased and would definitely recommend Keith.

Lewis FoxLewis Fox
Passed 1st time
I'd just like to say a big thanks to Keith for being a top instructor!

Chantelle TrimmerChantelle Trimmer
My experience with Keith was pleasant and exciting I would definitely recommend Keith and LDC driving school!

Jonathan WhiteleyJonathan Whiteley
Thank you for all your help with my driving test I would highly recommend you. Thanks!

Sean DonnellySean Donnelly
You are a really good instructor. Thanks a lot for all your help!

Jason AndersonJason Anderson
Keith was very helpful and methodical when teaching all aspects of learning to drive and gave good advice on the standard required to pass the driving test. I would highly recommended Keith.

Luke Hill Luke Hill
Keith was a fantastic instructor to learn with. He made lessons fun and made learning to drive easy. I would recommend Keith to anyone wanting to learn!

Ryan LangdonRyan Langdon
Passed his test at the first attempt at Warrington
I have really enjoyed learning to drive with LDC and having Keith as my instructor. I feel he has taught me everything I need to know and has done it in a very professional way. I would highly recommend Keith to friends and family because I have enjoyed every driving lesson I had with him and I'm happy I passed first time! I couldn't have done it without you!

Ben PittBen Pitt
Passed his test at Warrington driving test centre
Learning to drive with Keith has been a really good experience. He is a sound guy and looks after his students well.

Shaun PetersShaun Peters
Passed his test at the first attempt at Warrington driving test centre
Keith from LDC was great, always on time and good at keeping me feeling relaxed. Perfect tuition, thanks for the lessons.

Liam HillLiam Hill
Passed his test at the first attempt
It's been great learning to drive with you Keith, I will definitely recommend you as an instructor to people! Thanks!

Tom RobinsonTom Robinson
Passed his driving test at Warrington test centre
I've been really happy learning to drive with Keith. He has been excellent from start to finish and I passed first time. What else could you ask for?

Liene LukseLiene Lukse
Passed her driving test at Warrington test centre
I have previously learned with other instructors but looking back I made a mistake taking lessons with them. You are my third instructor, and you are by far the best. I wish I had learned to drive with you right from the start! Thank you for helping me pass my test!

Caroline ChambersCaroline Chambers
Passed her test at Warrington
Keith helped me overcome my fears and built my confidence, he helped my achieve my pass and helped me enjoy the whole experience of learning to drive. I would highly recommend Keith, he's patient and understanding, which is useful if you need help overcoming the fear of learning to drive!

Chelsea MartinChelsea Martin
Passed first attempt with LDC
I've really enjoyed learning to drive win you Keith, thanks very much for all your help!

Mike StocktonMike Stockton
Passed first time at Warrington Test Centre
Keith is a brilliant instructor. Very good and thorough, especially when teaching manoeuvres. Has very simple to use methods. Thanks Keith!

Somi ManginiSomi Mangini
Passed her test at her first attempt with me at Warrington
Somi said "It's been great learning with Keith, he not only boosted my confidence but helped me rectify my mistakes and also gave me suggestions to help me find an earlier test date. Keith is a most cooperative instructor, and scheduled my lessons as I required them. I would definitely recommend Keith as a driving instructor. Thanks a lot Keith!

Louise GunterLouise Gunter
Passed her test at her first attempt with LDC at Warrington
Louise said: I think I got a bit complacent with my driving under my previous instructor but since I've been with you Keith you have got me to think about my driving more and be more focused on it. Thank you for everything!

Jordan EyresJordan Eyres
Passed at the first attempt with only one driving fault at Warrington having followed the LDC system of learning to drive
Jordan said: I have enjoyed learning to drive with LDC, lots of help when I needed anything and were great when I needed to reschedule my driving test. Keith was a great instructor, very patient and was a great teacher and great guy! Thank you!

Ryan JonesRyan Jones
Passed first attempt at St.Helens
Fantastic instructor, 4 hours and I passed my test first time. Would recommend to anyone!

Mike AppletonMike Appleton
Passed at Warrington driving test centre
Thanks very much for all your help Keith!

Kieran HopeKieran Hope
Passed his driving test at the first attempt at Warrington
Keith is a most laid back driving instructor. Reliable and helpful. Arrives on time and puts maximum effort in. No issues about learning with him at all.

Kieran PalmerKieran Palmer
Passed his test at Warrington driving test centre
Thank you Keith. Thank you!

Harriet LearsHarriet Lears
Passed at Warrington test centre
I have really enjoyed learning to drive with LDC and Keith has been great and helped me gain much more confidence with my driving. Thank you Keith and LDC!

Rebecca LoxhamRebecca Loxham
Passed first time today at Warrington test centre
Thank you very much for all your help!

Layla Clarke - WidnesLayla Clarke - Widnes
Passed first attempt
Learning to drive with LDC was good because my instructor Keith was fantastic, very reliable and was great at working around my work commitments. I would highly recommend Keith, I passed my test in one week with him!

Sarah Paget - WarringtonSarah Paget - Warrington
I've enjoyed learning to drive using the LDC system and my instructor Keith has been really helpful. Thank you Keith, you have been a fantastic, fantastic instructor. I couldn't have asked for more. Just Thank you!

Hayley Bentley - RuncornHayley Bentley - Runcorn
I have had a great time learning to drive with LDC, Keith my instructor has been very patient with me and has been a lovely instructor the whole time. Thank you LDC!

Jack W - WarringtonJack W - Warrington
A reliable tutor with an excellent pass rate at a brilliant price!

Kelly C - WidnesKelly C - Widnes
The best driving instructor in the world, thank you so much, love Kelly and family!